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Aeration Industries International, Inc.    


As a world leading manufacturer of aeration equipment and systems, Aeration Industries solves a variety of water and wastewater treatment problems using superior, proprietary technology and engineering expertise based on more than 31 years of worldwide field experience. The company's product line includes customised oxidation ovals, package plants, advanced process aerator/mixers, surface aerators and DAF systems to meet the strictest environmental discharge permits. Aeration Industries (AI) has successfully solved problems in a wide variety of applications including: industrial and municipal sewage and wastewater treatment; the restoration of lakes, rivers, harbours and water quality management in aquaculture to help provide a valuable protein source to feed the world’s growing population.

AI has an office and manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and over 4,000 installations located in more than 85 countries. AI is the world’s largest manufacturer of surface aerators and has delivered over 55,000 units.

Company product lines

Aeration Industries’ commitment to research and development have resulted in proprietary and technologically advanced wastewater treatment systems, equipment, and services. The company maintains active US and international patent, trademark, and copyright portfolios. Water is the lifeblood of this planet. Aeration Industries is committed to an ongoing research and development program dedicated to search for better, cost-effective technologies to preserve the world’s water quality and supply.

Wastewater treatment systems

Our Tri-Oval System oxidation ditch results in huge savings in land costs by shrinking the footprint to only 30-50% of a conventional ditch. The unique energy-efficient AIRE-O2 Triton aerator/mixers drive fine-bubble aeration and mixing as deep as 33 feet (10 metres), resulting in lower costs. The Unisystem is a continuous-flow, activated sludge treatment system customized to treat wastewater varying from low strength remote locales to high strength industrial applications. The Lagoon Conversion Technologies upgrades an existing wastewater treatment lagoon system to meet more stringent discharge permit requirements.

An AIRE-O2 Microfloat System removes up to 95% of floatable fats, oils, and grease (FOG) at a lower cost than traditional DAF systems. Remote Monitoring Service assists facilities and staff to monitor, control, and acquire accurate and complete documentation to meet regulatory requirements at facilities.

The AIRE-O2 equipment line

The proprietary and patented AIRE-O2 Triton aerator/mixer improves oxygen transfer and mixing, while providing the process benefit of biological nutrient removal (BNR) in a single unit. A full-line of the proven “industry standard” AIRE-O2 Aspirator aerators are available and include the original distinguished AIRE-O2 model, the economical 275 unit and our Series II aerator for aquaculture. The AIRE-O2 Turbo, a mechanical surface aerator technology, has a patented impeller that produces a high spray volume. Combining the AIRE-O2 Aspirator with other aeration technologies produces an AIRE-O2 Combined Technologies system (ACT) that improves treatment at reduced costs. And the AIRE-O2 Slow Speed Mixer is an energy-efficient variable angle mixer that is ideal for any tank or lagoon.

Recognised leader

On 20 May 2005, Aeration Industries was honoured to receive the Minnesota Governor’s International Trade Award for 2005. When presenting the award, Governor Tim Pawlenty said the company was “admired here at home and envied worldwide for their success.” Aeration Industries’ achievements have been recognised worldwide: Associated Press, Christian Science Monitor, and Business Week magazine articles; featured on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC-TV), Korean Broadcasting Company (KBC-TV), and ABC-TV World News Tonight profiled Aeration Industries as a “Solution to Pollution.” The company was ranked a “leader” in the environmental industries by independent USA surveys such as Pulp & Paper survey, Future Technologies Surveys, Inc., and by the Environmental Business Journal’s “Strategic Information for a Changing Industry Report.”

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