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Afkar Information Technology Ltd

In view of rapid changes in the Information Technology (IT) industry in the Gulf region, Afkar has grown remarkably to become a leading presence in the field within the GCC region since its foundation in Qatar in 1997.

Afkar Information Technology provides total e-business solutions, IT/Internet services and e-commerce applications, in addition to designing & managing professional websites, portals & interactive communities.

From the beginning, Afkar has been keen to establish strategic alliances with global IT leaders, adding additional value to the services presented to our customers. Afkar is a Microsoft certified partner and a solution provider based on IBM, Oracle and other platforms.

Afkar's team comprises highly qualified technical staff. Their skills cover all aspects required to provide integrated IT solutions, in addition to a management team with a high level of experience in the IT field.

We work in close partnership with our clients to help them reach a high level of excellence in their businesses. Afkar is very proud of the fact that a number of its recognised Internet projects such as the Qatar Tourism Authority website, and the Al portal have received awards from well-known IT/Internet organisations.


Internet consultancy: Afkar has proven experience in providing total e-business consultancy. We help you build your IT/Internet strategy, whether your intent is to assess your needs to benefit from the Internet in order to increase efficiency, drive profit or allow greater interactivity with your end customers, employees or business partners.

Web development: Afkar's core specialty is web development. We create professional, attractive, and highly interactive portals, web sites, corporate intranets and extranets, as well as building e-business & e-commerce solutions to automate businesses.

Web hosting: Our powerful and flexible hosting services are tailored to meet the growing needs of businesses in the Internet age. We offer the following for our customers: dedicated hosting, co-located hosting, shared hosting and local hosting set-up.

Content services: What could be more important to a website than its content? We create, digitise, edit, translate and organise targeted content that makes corporate websites both informative and attractive to site visitors.


Portals: Business and community sectors can today entertain the sharing of information and services with their end-customers and partners. We help you improve your organisation's ability to acquire, serve, retain and interact with any of your end-users' feedback.

Intranets: An Intranet usually includes tools for communication, collaboration, knowledge management, electronic document management and others. By deploying Afkar's smart Intranet solutions, your business will efficiently improve through a faster, better-informed decision-making capacity and improved employee satisfaction.

Extranets: If your business heavily depends on exchanging information with your business partners, our professional team enables you through implementing an Extranet solution to replace paper forms with online data entry and improve your working team productivity and partners' communication by sharing common resources, data, knowledge and new ideas.

Content management: Implementing a content management solution helps an organisation's non-technical staff to manage and update their corporate website, portal or Intranet content through a publishing and workflow facility. We help you to reduce the cost of creating and contributing content while ensuring its accuracy. 

Other solutions: In order to satisfy our customer's requirements in delivering integrated Internet-based turnkey systems, we offer solutions for electronic document & record management, B2B and B2C e-commerce/e-business, streaming media, business automation, short massaging service (SMS) and other advanced solutions.

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