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American Engineering Services (AES), is a multinational total water management company specialised in water and wastewater treatment offering solutions through engineered systems as well as specialty chemicals for both municipal and industrial applications.

With its headquarters located in Tampa, Florida, AES has set up an independent and fully fledged manufacturing facility in Riyadh and warehouses in Jeddah and AlKhobar to serve its clientele throughout the Middle East.

AES has a 7,000 m2 fully equipped and modern factory in Riyadh, which is regarded as one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East. Throughout the past decade AES has grown to become one of the leading specialised water treatment companies in the Western Hemisphere and Middle East.

Certified to the highest international quality standards (ISO 9001:2000), AES has established high quality objectives to ensure full satisfaction of its customers through effective planning of product realisation, continual improvement of operations, services and products and state-of-the-art levels of technology.

AES is a world renowned company with a long history of success in design, supply, construction, operation and maintenance of treatment plants for municipal and industrial applications.

Residents of many states in the US, the Caribbean and the Middle East enjoy millions of gallons of fresh and potabilised water produced by AES-supplied desalination systems. Factories, power plants, military bases and many other types of institutions in numerous locations use AES water treatment systems to meet their process needs or to treat their effluents in compliance with the increasingly demanding environmental regulations in the US and elsewhere.

One of our major clients in the US is the National Aeronautics & Space Association (NASA), who approved and selected AES amongst a few water treatment companies to satisfy their stringent requirements. Others include the famous West Basin Desalination Project in California for the production of barrier water from LA Hyperion Secondary with a capacity of 9,500 m3 per day, the Southmost water district desalination plant in Texas with a capacity of 23,000 m3 per day and Cape Carol with a capacity of 18,939 m3 per day to name only a few.

In the Middle East in 1997 AES retrofitted the 13,000 m3 per day BWRO water treatment plant at King Khaled International Airport. The job was completed to the full satisfaction of the client. In late 2000 AES was awarded the construction and upgrade of a 38,000 m3 per day brackish water RO plant at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, once again on merit basis. Our exclusive specialty chemicals for various water treatment applications are manufactured in our plant in Riyadh under license from American Water Chemicals (AWC) a subsidiary of American Engineering Services Inc., US.

Superior quality is maintained throughout production with precise 'in-process' and finished products quality control. The operating procedures and processes are designed to ensure complete safety of operating personnel and are environmentally friendly. The range of specialty world class chemicals manufactured by AES includes:

Raw Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Thermal Desalination, Oil Field Chemicals, Boiler Water Treatment, Boiler Fireside Treatment, Cooling ,Chilled Water and Closed Systems Treatment, Specialty Cleaning Products, Swimming Pool Treatment, Specialty Products for Beverage Industry, and Sewage and Wastewater Treatment. Our well-equipped Laboratory not only ensures Quality Control but also enhances product development and modification depending on client application requirements.

In conclusion, we trust you will be extremely-well served when choosing AES, a company with a proven track record and world class product reliability, offering a highly professional service by the best trained engineers in the field to the very rigorous and sophisticated US and international standards.

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