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AEGIS - The benchmark for security companies in Iraq*

Since 2004, AEGIS has been providing, under contract to the US government, the reconstruction-enabling capability that sits at the core of the Coalition’s Nation-building endeavours in Iraq. To do this, AEGIS has established a security framework of Reconstruction Operations Centres co-located with Coalition Military headquarters throughout Iraq co-ordinating military operations with the reconstruction effort, thus reducing friction between them.

Manned 24 hours a day, they provide security advice, co-ordination and emergency backup to the Project and Contracting Office (PCO) and its Prime Contractors. This includes a daily intelligence summary and information on road movement throughout the country, which can be monitored using a tracking system complimentary to that used by the US Military. In the event of an emergency, whether caused by Insurgent attack or vehicle breakdown, Quick Reaction Forces are dispatched in support.

AEGIS also provides 31 Escort Teams to protect the PCO and US Corps of Engineers and 12 expatriate-led and Iraqi-manned Reconstruction Liaison Teams who routinely travel throughout Iraq to monitor the progress of reconstruction work subcontracted to Iraqi building companies.

In providing this capability, AEGIS has developed an innovative approach to the growing problem of co-ordinating military and security operations with civilian reconstruction activity. Increasingly the international community finds itself trying to deliver humanitarian aid or civilian reconstruction in hostile environments where law and order has collapsed. In such cases, whether security has to be imposed by the indigenous government or by a military coalition of donor nations, the need to co-ordinate the efforts of the security forces with those of the aid and reconstruction teams will remain. The AEGIS approach is infinitely flexible and adaptable and can be applied anywhere there is legitimate need to support reconstruction and humanitarian operations.

AEGIS is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the USA. We have substantial experience in identifying and mitigating risk world-wide and provide innovative and commercially focused specialist security and risk management solutions to extreme threats. We tailor pre-emptive and responsive security services for clients across the globe including governments, international agencies and the multinational corporate sector. We are a registered and active UN contractor, a major security provider to the US government and security advisor to the Lloyds of London Joint War Risk Committee.

AEGIS Research and Intelligence Division provides a wide range of up-to-date geo-political intelligence, threat assessment and investigative intelligence solutions tailored for corporate, institutional and government clients. These range from daily analysis of global terrorist incidents, through in-country stability, maritime security, and single issue extremism to advanced due diligence, negotiation and discreet business broking.

AEGIS Technical Services Division is a class leader in the provision of a wide range of security services and training in a variety of disciplines. Our highly trained specialists have extensive international operational and training experience in surveillance and technical security. They provide tailor made technical solutions for clients that include security audits and reviews, training, surveillance and counter-surveillance and physical security enhancements.

AEGIS is a Full Service company providing risk management consultancy supported by security solutions. Client led, we consider a detailed and comprehensive approach to risk and security as the only truly effective solution. We seek to be involved with clients at the beginning of the planning stage to ensure that risk and associated security measures are thoroughly addressed at the first opportunity and provided in the most cost effective manner. All AEGIS activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality within the framework of national and international law. AEGIS is committed to proper industry accountability and regulation.

* AEGIS as described by the nominated United States Government Security Officer.

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