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Abbey Expatriate Services    

Abbey Expatriate Services is one of the premier suppliers of financial services to companies and personnel operating in hostile and emerging markets worldwide.

Managed by a mix of bankers, insurance brokers, financial advisors and former military officers the company provides a complete range of financial solutions throughout Iraq. Covering the traditional areas of insurance, banking and investment our approach also focuses on helping our clients with contract initiation, local liaison, employment issues and on going project administration.

Typical client profiles include logistics, engineering, private security and construction companies as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. Our commitment is to help our clients achieve their unique needs in the most efficient, cost-effective and compliant manner has led to an unparalleled reputation in facilitating business in these markets.


Financial Advice

The Advice we offer includes offshore banking, tax and investment advice to ensure the needs of our clients are met with tailor-made solutions that cater for the ever-changing requirements of doing business in Iraq.


Our brokers provide all available forms of insurance to companies operating in Iraq. They are niche specialists who call upon many years of experience to develop, place and service the most innovative and robust insurance programmes designed to support clients operating in the most demanding circumstances.

Our experience and total commitment to confidentiality has enabled us to build a powerful network of risk
management partners able to provide capable of providing a broad range of expert advice and support in areas such as: security, medicare, surveillance, contingency planning and logistics, support services, infrastructure and construction.

Pre-deployment Support

Our advisors meet to examine pre-deployment contractual needs, identify aims and understand objectives. Our in country team then gather required information to carry out any necessary planning and preparation prior to the arrival of the client. This direct approach has proven to cut out costs and improve efficiency.

Employment Support

From project management down to administrative support, contractors need staff with certifiable end user experience. AES advise on the provision of manpower for contracts ensuring candidates come with a demonstrable track record of employment both on similar contracts and within Iraq.

All candidates are suitably vetted and come with the necessary administrative requirements (vaccination histories, existing banking and accounting provision and personal insurance etc). Often these potential workers are already in place, thus saving the client considerable recruitment, travel and administrative expense.

Contract Implementation Support

To facilitate the ongoing implementation of contracts our team provide a wide array of services to our clients. These include the provision of payroll/banking services, local letters of credit, due diligence on local partners/subcontractors and the liaison with local organizations.

Contract Administrative and Employee Support

Our personal finance team provides employees on contract with access to our 24hour administration office. Acting in a similar way to a military Unit Administrations Office this provides employees with independent financial advice on tax, residency issues, banking, payroll, insurance and personal difficulties

This service costs nothing to the employer but provides well administered, more efficient employees and cuts the administration costs involved when individuals experience difficulties.

Introductions and Marketing

Where appropriate, AES will introduce clients to our partners where potential synergies and mutually beneficial business opportunities exist.

All our partners are specialists with unparalleled reputations within their areas and extensive experience within hostile and emerging markets.

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