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What is Standto?
Standto are a successful recruitment agency formed in 2003, we specialise in providing qualified and highly trained personnel for clients in worldwide areas of conflict.

We locate resource and vet trained and experienced personnel, check with at least four verifiable references, interview in person and candidates are given psychological testing as part of our comprehensive service. In simple terms we do our job right to reduce your costs.

Why should you use Standto?
Working with Standto can deliver many benefits, including: reducing the time wasting normally associated with multiple agency contact whilst delivering the best personnel available

With over 200 personnel on our growing database, Standto is large enough to manage large supply agreements without forgetting the importance of smaller contracts; we provide a professional and tailored service regardless of contract size or value.

Our personnel come from military Special Forces, government agencies and the corporate sector. They have experience in working hostile locations including:

• Iraq
• Sudan
• Angola
• Uganda
• Nigeria
• Sierra Leone
• Northern Ireland
• Russia
• And many of other former Eastern block countries

How do we work?
We believe in being honest and open with our customers. You can’t always find the right people at the right time, so if we are unable to immediately supply suitable personnel, we will disclose this rather than improvising with an unsuitable candidate, or keeping you waiting, we have found that trust and timing have been critical to building successful relationships with our clients.

Standto candidates are only forwarded to clients if they have a high level of motivation and proven skills; they are referenced and tested to ensure that they are conscientious, hard working, adaptable and team players.
How can I register as a candidate?
Registering with Standto is easy; complete our online form at: and provide us with your skills, experience, qualification and your area of interest. We will then thoroughly cross-referenced your details, once they are checked you will then be referred for psychometric and suitability testing, if you are successful a final interview is the last stage before becoming available to our clients.

Candidate registration is FREE and takes about twenty minutes; our vetting process generally takes two to three weeks from a completing our online registration at, to being put forward to a potential client. Please note: only candidates with completed on-line registrations will be contacted.

Your right to privacy and data security are of primary concern to us. Whilst we maintain control over your data stored on our servers, we will not disclose or share this private and confidential information to any outside organisation or individual, unless they are a suitable client or permission is given.

Standto stringently adheres to guidelines outlined in the CPA Document: DABVO1-03-R-0011.

Information Technology Services
Standto provide mission-critical security and Information technology services for Stand-Alone, LAN and WAN installations.

We provide technology solutions for secure, encrypted collaboration and communication, utilising Satellite, Wireless and existing infrastructure, enabling our clients to work safely and anonymously in any location on the planet.

Network security
Our proactive Network Security Assessment service Hawk™, includes Security Forensics, Vulnerability and Disaster Recovery.

The Hawk™ service is designed to assess your systems vulnerabilities to external attack using state-of-the-art tools and methods employed by today’s most sophisticated hackers. We identify where attacks are likely to occur, rank your risk to exposure, suggest remedial action and deliver a cost effective, secure solution.

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