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Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd    

Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Bandwidth Technologies International Group Ltd ( BTIG ) a privately owned UK company, Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd., was formed at the beginning of 1998 to provide VSAT and Mobile Satellite communications services to remote and poorly served locations throughout the world.

As well as providing Inmarsat and Iridium services to meet mobile requirements, Redwing Satellite Solutions owns an extensive VSAT Gateway (Teleport) at Brookmans Park, just north of London, which provides access to a wide variety of international Ku and C-band satellites. From this location, coverage is possible throughout the Americas, across Europe, the Middle East & Africa to Japan and Australia. This facility offers diverse fibre routings to the London Telehouse, only 25 kilometres away, which in turn provides access to all the major carriers international and domestic networks. The Gateway also furnishes a network access point into the worldwide Internet and provides breakout for telephony traffic into the PSTN.

Redwing will undertake and manage complete turnkey solutions that leave our clients to concentrate on their core business in the knowledge that their end-to-end communication provision is in expert hands. Alternatively, Redwing can undertake network design, hardware selection, link budgets and space segment consultancy for organisations wanting to operate their own networks. RSS is also able to produce tender documents and to organise the installation, commissioning and maintenance of private networks.

Redwing also provides clients with a wide variety of Facilities Management (FM) options tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. These range from housing of customer furnished equipment (CFE) such as multiplexers, baseband equipment, terrestrial fibre breakout equipment and lines through to the siting, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of customer provided antennas of any size.

Redwing has been supplying services in to Iraq for many years, having provided internet and voice links via satellite in to Erbil, Kirkuk, Karbala, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah prior to the start of the conflict. Redwing are now renewing their contacts and are now helping in the rebuilding of Iraq by so far providing communications links to Construction, Media, Military and Corporate customers in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah. Our desire to assist the wider rebuilding programmes will continue and we look forward to providing further communication services, key to redevelopment, over the coming months and years.

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