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Link Communications Systems    

Link Communications Systems is a UK registered company specialising in the design and implementation of VSAT networks and a VSAT service provider. Link Communications Systems specializes in providing satellite communications systems and services to corporations, ISPs, and government agencies operating in remote locations with an under-developed communications infrastructure. Link Communications Systems engineers have helped forward thinking businesses, and government agencies operating far from headquarters, break free from the constraints and insufficiencies of their terrestrial networks with field-proven satellite technology - a robust, secure platform that provides cost-effective, enterprise-wide support for virtually any broadband data, voice or video application.

Link Communications Systems offers custom VSAT solutions, Satellite Internet Broadband solutions based on iDirect and Linkstar, and mobile satellite communications solutions such as Regional BGAN.

Corporate Mission:
Link Communications Systems is a satellite telecommunications company based in London, UK. Our corporate mission is defined by:
• Creating a worry-free communications network for the user
• Designing technologically advanced satellite networks for data, voice, and video
• Seamlessly integrating your LAN or WAN over five continents
• Providing a single point of contact for sales, service, and support
• Support for all major data communication protocols including IP and Frame Relay
• Rapid product delivery and network installation and commissioning with 24 hour support

Backed by support facilities in London, Link Communications Systems products and services are marketed to operators and major companies worldwide via a network of agents and distributors based throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East.

Selected Projects Executed:
• USAID Project, Mosul, Iraq
- High capacity VSAT earth station for Mosul University, SCPC dedicated, VPN, VoIP
• GIOC site, Baghdad, Iraq
- High capacity VSAT earth station for Iraqi Government, SCPC dedicated, VPN, VoIP, Hosting
• Babylon, UK
- VSAT earth station for British company in Baghdad, Iraq, SCPC dedicated, VPN, VoIP
• eKur, Iraq
- 9 Site Deployment of iDirect Based VSAT Earth Stations
- Fibre optic inter-facility link for VSAT earth station
• Genric, UK
- Deployment of Linkstar VSAT Earth Station in Basrah Iraq
• Presidential Air, USA
- Deployment of Linkstar VSAT Earth Station in Baghdad, Iraq
- Mobile Satellite Broadband in Mobile Library Project, RBGAN
• US Embassy, Eritrea, Africa
- Deployment of Linkstar VSAT Earth Station in Asmara
• EMO, Switzerland
- Deployment of Linkstar VSAT Earth Station in Lagos Nigeria
• Middle East Bank, Iraq
- 5 Site Deployment of iDirect Based VSAT Earth Stations, Wireless Network based on Alvarion solution
• United Nations, Eritrea
- Mobile Internet Broadband solution for UN workers in the field
• Over 120 iDirect Broadband Installations in over 10 countries
• Over 30 Linkstar Broadband Installations in over 8 countries
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