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Greenfield Foundation    

Greenfield Foundation is a Public Trust (NGO) registered under the laws of government of India in Gujarat State founded by a Non Resident Indian from Canada, Mr. Kashyap Bhatt, an inventor of US & Canadian patented Solar / Wind powered portable greenhouses.

Agriculture sector is suffering in most of the countries globally because of shortage of land, water, electricity or global warming effecting ambient temperature. Invention of this portable and fixed structure solar / wind powered greenhouses can help meet with growing requirements of feed and food for developing countries. The technology works on hydroponics concept and reduces water requirements drastically and gives more production per square foot growing areas.

Our mandate is to train farmers with sustainable technology working on non-conventional power for rural development, creating employment for women, SHG (Self Help Group), landless and marginal farmers.

1. We supply turn-key projects under Micro Finance:

Micro Dairy Farming: One portable greenhouse Model GF120 producing 120 kg / 264 lb grass per day and 6 cattle or buffaloes.

Micro Goat Rearing: One portable greenhouse Model GF120 producing 120 kg / 264 lb grass per day and 18 female and 2 male goat

Micro Baby Greens: One portable greenhouse Model GF120 producing up to 200 kg of bean sprouts for mid day meal program for children suffering from mal nutrition.

Micro Vege Farm: Vegetables growing hydroponically in a fixed structure greenhouse of 20’ X 120’utilizing drip irrigation system.

We also supply turn-key projects for Bee Keeping and Rabbit Rearing

2. Solar & wind powered Ozone Water Purification System for rural population available in different size to meet with the requirements of small, medium and large size villages.

For more information, please visit our website:
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