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FEA is an international UAE based company which is specialized in Water Quality Management.

Our product line includes water storage systems, water purification and biological waste treatment products.

Our water Storage Range: Zincalume Steel Panel Water Tank Kits which range from 3000 - 900,000 US Gallons. Our tanks are corrosion resistant, algae proof and are suitable for potable, salt and treated water storage. The tanks are ideal for drinking water supply, fire tanks, desalination, RO, and remote area supply. Protective color coating is available upon request, and recommended in applications close to ocean and for harsh environments. This tanks average assembly time is 3-4 days.

Pillow Flexi Tank: A closed flexible tank. Suitable for drinkable water storage, disinfection of water, and some chemical storage. Storage capacity is from 700 Litres – 80,000 Litres. Can be emptied folded and reused. Custom design and modular connections available for larger capacities.

Truck Mounted Pillow Tank: A closed flexible tank. Ideal for the storage and transportation of liquids from one location to another. Storage capacity 700 litres – 10,000 litres. Can be emptied folded and reused.

Water Well Tank: Onion shaped open top flexible tank. Just to deploy and fill. The Water Well model is a self standing tank that allows any use. Very much used for raw water, pre treatment and simply water storage. Easy to install, use and clean. This is an extremely stable tank. Just need a flat surface to stand. 5,000 litres – 50,000 Litres. Can be emptied folded and reused.

UV Disinfection Systems: Medium pressure UV systems for drinking water and sewage water.

Biological Waste treatment: Difficult-to-treat industrial compounds can be treated with FEA BWT Industrial Powders. BWT formulas contain specific, all-natural microorganisms to break down organic pollutants – without the use of chemicals, and further damage to the environment. As well as microorganisms, BWT formulations contain a micronutrient blend specifically selected for certain wastes. This micronutrient blend provides a complete formula for maximum biological activity and reacts with organic wastes to produce biological enhancers.

- We treat: Sewage, Sulfide, Chemicals, Hydrocarbon, Amonia, Refinery & Chemical Waste, Phenol, Petroleum. If the waste you require to treat is not listed, please inquire. Data sheets available.
- Spill Absorbent: Hydrocarbon Spill Microbial Absorbent
- Hydrocarbon Degreaser: Biological Super Degreaser x100 - x150 parts of water removes tough to handle petroleum / hydrocarbon based stains. Can be used in pressure washer or used by hand. Full data sheet available.
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