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Blue Hackle    

Blue Hackle is a non-partisan company specialising in the provision of critical, high-level and effective support in the areas of security and corporate investigation and intelligence. Our highly trained and experienced personnel operate internationally and in co-operation with a range of legitimate governments and high-profile corporate entities.

Blue Hackle was incorporated in May 2004 and has established offices in London, England, Baghdad, Iraq and Kabul, Afghanistan. Since its inception, Blue Hackle has grown dramatically, boasts an impressive client portfolio of blue chip multi national corporations, NGOs and private individuals, and has successfully delivered a number of high value and high risk international projects.

Since 9/11, the UK and US governments have been working increasingly closely with private security companies. The operational staff and management of Blue Hackle are highly experienced and from military, law enforcement and intelligence backgrounds. With this broad church of resources, and in co-operation with the UK government, Blue Hackle is engaged internationally at operational and advisory level with a variety of corporations and governmental organisations. Our operatives at the security level are from UK Special Forces and at business level, have many years’ experience of leading risk management companies.

Blue Hackle currently employs 20 staff at its head office in London and approximately 450 in the field, mainly Iraq and Afghanistan. Blue Hackle has been operating in Iraq since July 2004 and predominantly provides Protective Security Details (PSD) and Static Guard forces throughout the country. Blue Hackle is widely recognised in the industry as the market leader in the provision of low profile PSD teams, but also has a proven track record operating in a high profile and has an incident record second to none.

Blue Hackle currently has approximately 200 Third Country Nationals (TCN) working on a number of different static guard contracts, some of them in extremely hostile locations. Again, our incident record speaks for itself and this is largely due to the rigorous selection and training programme that all employees are subjected to.

Blue Hackle is fully licensed in Iraq and Afghanistan and was a founder member of the Private Security Companies Association of Iraq (PSCAI).

Blue Hackle will be providing a helicopter service for chartered use in Iraq. This service will be made available to the FCO and could easily be included in a consolidated turnkey approach to the current security requirement.
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