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6569 Security Consultants    

6569 Security Consultants is a progressive and dynamic registered training organisation facilitating Australian nationally recognised and accredited training services in the field of firearms and defensive tactics.

Our services

Our services are directed for law enforcement officers, security, correctional services and persons at risk. The motivation is to provide the highest possible standard of training services. The corporation has over 50 years of experience delivering and assessing training. Services can be customised to meet individual and occupational requirements without compromise to the integrity of the training standards.

6569 is constantly researching and enhancing its services and capacity to meet industry and client needs. We facilitate customisation of specialist training services. 6569 facilitates consultation and assistance in the professional development of managers through the exchange of knowledge and mentoring, procurement of resource materials and information. Assistance given in policy and procedural implementation designed to identify risks and reduce hazards associated with the use of weapons in the work environment. Law enforcement agencies around Australia have adopted the recommendations of the Australasian Centre for Police Research as standard operating procedures and here at 6569 we have implemented those same strategies as 'best practices' in our training standards.

The personnel

All personnel hold appropriate trainer and assessor qualifications and have the relevant and current skills and knowledge in the weapons and tactics which they deliver. Our personnel are former law enforcement or military service veterans with years of operational service with backgrounds from Specialist Tactical Units combined with instructional and training expertise. Personnel are qualified instructors of firearms and other weapons systems and tactics, also holding diplomas in business management, policing and training and are recipients of national medals for police and military service, commendations and citations.

Training and assessment

Critical incident management covers subject matter such as legislative considerations and the use of force, response to security risk situations, maintaining the security of the environment and Conflict negotiation/resolution.

Defensive tactics cover less lethal force options; empty hand techniques, aerosol irritants, handcuffs, restraints and batons.

Firearms covers safety and security, operating function, service and maintenance, ammunition, marksmanship, tactics and deployment of firearms in a critical incident. Weapons systems include handguns and long weapons (single and select fire).

Memorandum of Agreement

Whereby 6569 enters into a joint training development venture with another organisation and there is issuance of qualification, a 'description of collaborating organisations' is formed providing an agreement of the terms and conditions between the organisations in accordance with Australian Quality Training Framework requirements.

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