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21st Century HealthCare - Marketer and distributor of vitamins to the food, drug and mass marketplace
3B Scientific - Worldwide leader in the anatomy market
6569 Security Consultants - Provider of training services in the field of firearms and defensive tactics
    AAI Insurance Brokers - have been at the cutting edge in designing products and reducing costs for those working in Iraq
    Abbey Expatriate Services - Premier supplier of financial services to companies and personnel operating in hostile and emerging markets
    ABS - Manufacturer of pumps, mixers and aerators, step-screens and control and monitoring equipment
    Aceralia - Supplier of steel to the construction, automotive, metal, packaging, engineering and electrical sectors
    ACT Trade - Specialised service provider in procurement, logistics, rental/lease (heavy machinery and reefer trucks), food and construction services
    AEGIS - Specialist risk management
    Aeration Industries Inc. - Leading manufacturer of aeration equipment and systems
    AES Arabia - Provider of water and wastewater treatment
    Afkar Information - Internet/IT services, e-business solutions and e-commerce applications
    AKE Limited - Provides specialist risk services to businesses, non-government organisations and the media
    Al-Khaleejiah - Global media representative for the Saudi Research and Publishing Company
    Alpha Sim Technology - Provider of refinery, chemical, petrochemical and utilities
    Alpine Drinks - Manufacturer of purified bottled water
    Al Thinayyan Group - Operational in a diverse range of activities
    American Power Conversion - Provider of global back-up power products and services
    AmerCare - Provide a variety of medical grade gloves to the military, individual states and other commercial accounts
    AMK Group - Provider of business support and security services in Iraq
    Angali Shipping & Trading - Supplier of equipment, spare parts and chemicals
    Arab Aluminium - Producer of aluminium profiles
    Arenco - Producer of geosynthetic installation services
    Armor Group - Global security risk management, business information and intelligence
    Astran Cargo Services - Provider of freight services
    atrexx - A key solution provider for the telecommunications and broadcast industries
    AWS Inc. - To provide the Special Operations community and the SOF War fighter a dedicated manufacturing source
    Automotive Export Supplier - Official appointed global distributor of FORD vehicles  to international aid and development organisations
    Aybakar - One of the major machinery and equipment manufacturing companies in the grain processing industry
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    BACTEC - Specialist explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and landmine clearance company
    BAE Systems - Civil and military capabilities, innovation and cost-effective solutions
    Bayer Healthcare - Pharmaceuticals, consumer care, animal health and diagnostics
    BB Overseas - Provider of export services across a variety of industries
    BCB International Ltd - Manufacturer and designer of personal combat equipment
    BCL & Dutco - Provide computer-based systems and equipment for information technology
    Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A. - Construction of bituminous conglomerate plants
    BG Group - Explorer, developer and distributer of natural gas and oil
    Big Top Manufacturing - Worldwide leader in steel framed vinyl covered shelters
    Bin Hafeez Group - UAE-based contracting and manufacturing conglomerate
    Blue Hackle - Specialising in the provision of critical, high-level and effective support in the areas of security and corporate investigation and intelligence
    Bochemie - Producer of disinfection and cleaning agents and disinfection of potable water
    BP - Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
    BPB - Supplier of plasterboard and gypsum plasters, insulation, ceiling tiles and related products for internal linings
    Bukkehave - Global vehicle and parts supplier
    Bulgartabac Holding Group - Leading tobacco and cigarette manufacturer
    BusinessCom Internet via Satellite - Provider of banking, financial, appraisal, shipbuilding and telecommunication services
    Business Satellite Solutions - Provider of broadband or IP wide area networking (WAN) satellite solutions
    Capital Link Corp - Provider of financing and business solutions
    CCL Recruitment - Recruitment specialists across a variety of industries
    Centurion Risk Assessment Services - Provider of specialised security services
    CES Holdings - Education services, logistics, purchasing and information
    CfBT - International not-for-profit education resource management organisation
    Chesterfield Insurance Brokers - Independent Lloyd's Insurance broking operation
    ChevronTexaco Corporation - Exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing, sales and power generation
    Chinook Medical Gear - Provider of custom medical solutions
    Ciba Specialty Chemicals - Producer of speciality chemicals
    CIE - Provider of international qualifications and assessments
    Cisco Systems - Provider of global networking solutions
    City & Guilds - Provider of qualifications and learning support
    Command Risks Management - Specialists in risk consultancy, intelligence and security services
    COMM PORT Technologies - Provider of state of the art, technology-based security solutions
    Constellation Networks Corporation - Provider of global satellite services
    Consukorra - Provider of trade and consultation services
    Consulting Engineering Center - Provider of engineering consultancy services
    Control Risks - Specialist international business risk consultants
    Corrotherm International - Experts in the selection and supply of heat and corrosion resistant materials
    Corus Group - Manufacturer, processer and distributor of metal products
    Danimex Iraq - Provider of radio communication services
    Danish Camp Supply - Provider of multi-purpose camps for offshore, onshore, civilian or military use
    De La Rue - Commercial security printer and papermaker
    Debbane - Distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, agricultural supplies, horticulture specialists
    Defensive Tactics Academy - Provider of specialised security services
    DHL International - Provider of express/freight service
    Ditch Witch Middle East - Provider of an integrated systems approach to underground construction
    DORCE Prefabricated Building and Construction - Globally recognised manufacturer of steel construction
    Douglas Metal Finishing - Metal finishing company
    Dupont - Provider of scientific products and services
    DynCorp International - Development and installation of sophisticated computer security systems and equipment
    Earth Tech - Provider of services for the engineering, environmental and construction industry
    ECC - Provider of engineering, construction, and environmental remediation solutions
    Edinburgh Risk and Security Management - offers consultancy, training and physical services aimed at facilitating business operations in challenging environments.
    EHC Group - The first and the only French-speaking operative private security company
    ELBA-WERK - Manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment to produce, transport, and place concrete
    El Concorde Trading & Marketing - Provider of high quality engineering products
    ELS - Provider of land clearance and security services
    El Seif Engineering - Member of the Saudi Arabian El Seif Group
    Emergencia 2000 S.A. - Dedicated exclusively to design and build ambulances as well as to manufacture emergency medical goods
    Emerge Technologies - Provider of information technology solutions
    Emergency Response Services - Provider of specialist rescue, medical and search & recovery services
    Empower Dynamics - Full service management, IT, IS and systems integration consultancy
    Energy Services - Provider of field supervisory engineers and power contract services
    Entrac - Consultancy and training in oilwell drilling, casing design, well engineering, reservoir engineering and geology
    Eurohouse - Production and assembly of mobile homes, prefabricated structures and shelters
    Exploration Logistics Group Plc - Provider of a range of support and logistical services
    ExxonMobil - Refiner and marketer of petroleum products and manufacturer of lubricating oil basestocks
    Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd - Specialists in the placement of ex-military personnel in to the private and public sectors
    Ex+med UK - Provider of medical support services
    FEA - Provider of water storage systems, water purification and biological waste treatment products.
    FG Wilson - Provider of power generation solutions
    Figs Pharmaceuticals - Wholeseller of branded pharmaceuticals
    Fitzgerald Lighting - Manufacturer and distributor of lighting products
    Fluke Networks - Provider of innovative solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks
    FluorAMEC - Recognised leader in engineering, procurement and construction services worldwide
    Foster Wheeler - International engineering and construction contractor
    GAMA - Provider of information technology services
    Gator Global Services - Provider of security solutions, knowledge and experience
    Genric - Leading independent specialist security and medical consultancy
    German Partner Consulting - Supplier of used metal working machinery
    Global Beam Communications - Leading Internet via satellite provider providing VSAT, VPN and VoIP services
    Global Risk Training - A leader in international risk management
    Global Trade Links - Supplier to the oil and gas industry
    Good Luck Steel Tubes - Leading manufacturer of pipes/tubes, hollow sections, C.R. coils and sheets and galvanised plain/corrugated sheets
    GRBC - Specialised provider of services for private companies, diplomats and other professionals
    Greater Cairo Foundries - Provider of water pipeline products
    Greenfield Foundation - An inventor of US & Canadian patented Solar / Wind powered portable greenhouses.
    Grosvenor Travel - Provider of corporate travel services
    GSI International - Global association of security operatives
    Hart GMSSCO - Security solution providers
    HARTMANN GROUP - Leading providers of medical and patient care products
    Hellas Europe Australia - Provider of services for all your moving and storage needs
    Hepworth Building Products - Manufacturer of drainage systems, pipe installations and cement pipes
    Hertz Equipment Rental - Equipment rentals and used equipment sales
    Hertz Europe Ltd - Car rental and used car sales
    Hill & Associates - Risk management and security services
    Hill International - Construction consultants
    HMBS - One of the oldest and well-known names in Iraq and the Middle East
    Huber Technologies - Dewatering, sewage treatment, effluent treatment, waste water treatment and preliminary treatment
    Hydrotec Technologies - Producer of drainage and supply technology
    iComport - Provider of specialised business software solutions
    INA - Provider of services in the field of oil and gas exploration and production
    Inkoa Sistemas - Supplier of integral solutions directed to the Agro-Food Sector
    INyX, Inc - Developer and manufacturer of specialised drug delivery pharmaceutical products
    International Security and Surveillance Limited - Private security and surveillance services
    Intertek Caleb Brett - Independent inspection and testing of high-value cargo and inventories
    IP Consult - Provider of professional, architectural and engineering consultancy, contracting and support services
    IPIP - Romanian Institute of Engineering and Design for Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
    Iraqi Consultants & Construction Bureau (ICCB) - Self-contained engineering organisation heavily involved in Iraq
    ITC Investment & Technology Group - Provider of services within the Iraqi telecommunications sector
    Ivar Pro - Manufacturer of spare parts, hardware and tools, consumer goods and furniture
    Iveco - International manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines
    Jahshan Engineering & Construction - Committed to serving the region’s industrial equipment demands
    Janusian Security Risk Management - Provider of business intelligence, corporate investigations and risk management
    JCB - Manufacturer of earthmoving, agricultural and materials handling equipment
    JLT - Provider of risk management advice, insurance and reinsurance
    JLG Industries Inc - Manufacturer of access equipment for construction, industrial, commercial and military applications
    JorWeb International - Computer software-hardware company
    Knight Medical - Provider of quality, cost-effective medical services and training
    Kodak - Developer, manufacturer and marketer of intelligent imaging products
    Kroll - Provider of investigative, intelligence, financial, security and technology services
    Land Rover - Provider of armed forces around the globe with vehicles designed to meet a wide range of defence and peacekeeping roles
    Land Rover & Ford Project Vehicles - Supplier of vehicles and services for global reconstruction
    Life Resist Ltd - International specialised security organisation
    Linco Set & Hatch - Manufacturer of incubators of the highest quality and reliability
    Link Communications Systems - Specialising in the design and implementation of VSAT networks and a VSAT service provider
    Lohrmann International - Specialise in the sale of good used power plants and processing equipment
    Logistics Plus - Provider of freight logistics services
    MAC International FZE - Subsidiary of Al-Mansour Automotive Company
    Macsteel Group - Provider of marketing, shipping, logistics, finance and e-commerce solutions
    Marathon Oil Corporation - Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
    McMullen Architectural - Architectural curtain wall specialists - Supplier for remote medical supplies
    Melik Al Misk for Trading & General Contracts - Provide professional Engineering & Construction after 27 years of Experience with qualified and trained staff.
    Microsoft - Providers of IT software, solutions and support
    Midas Furniture - Retailer of home and office furniture
    MineTech Group - International provider of mine clearance services since 1983
    Minimal Risk Consultancy - Provider of a broad range of specialist security provision and impartial advice for individual and corporate clients
    MJB International - Provider of services to owners and operators of industrial gas turbines
    MRO Software - Provider of strategic asset management solutions
    Mushriqui Consulting - Supplier of security products and personal protective equipment
    NAFFCO - Provider of a wide range of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting products
    Napco - Diversified manufacturer of security products
    Neareast Resources - Iraqi-American owned holding company
    NetStar Technologies - Global multimedia communications service provider
    Newtech Industrial & Engineering Group - Consultant engineers and planners
    Nomadtrack - Leading provider of real-time operation intelligence
    Objective Team Ltd - Hostile environment safety training for professionals deploying to Iraq
    Odin Security Services - Provider of high risk protection specialists
    Olive Security - Specialist advisor and provider of security services and secure technologies
    Omnitop Ltd - Supplier of unique, high-quality products, including escape masks and noise-reduction technology for cell phones
    Oracle - Leading supplier of software for information management
    Orex Computed Radiography - Provider of high image quality, compact CR Solution for the Medical and Dental radiography markets
    Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics - Leading provider of laboratory diagnostics and blood screening products
    Owens Corning - Insulation, roofing, siding, acoustics and composites
    Parker Hannifin Corporation - Hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems for oil & gas, mobile, construction markets
    Parsons Peebles Machines - Supplier of hight voltage motors and power generators for the power, oil, gas and petrochemicals industry
    Petes - Provider of gasoline service station equipment
    Petroconsult - Provider of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical services
    Petrofac - Designs, builds, operates, finances and co-invests in oil and gas plant, upstream, midstream and downstream
    Pfizer Inc - Global pharmaceutical company worldwide, focusing on human and animal healthcare
    Piper Double Glazing Ltd - Fabricator and installer of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories.
    Power Machines Group - Manufacturer and supplier of equipment for power plants
    Powered Access Sales & Service - Provider of support services for powered access requirements
    Powertecnique - Builders and installers of generator and UPS systems worldwide
    PoWoGaz SA - Leading provider of quality water meters
    PRO PATRIA - Provider of technical solutions and software development for the defence market
    Rainbo Supplies & Services Ltd - Specialising in procurement and supply services within the oil & gas, construction and related industries
    Raytheon - Defence and aerospace systems supplier
    Real Inc. - Globally recognised International general trading group
    Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd - Providing Inmarsat and Iridium services to meet mobile requirements
    Reidsteel - Provide international design and construction services
    Research Periodicals & Book Services Inc. - Supplier of textbooks, reference books, journal subscriptions and back volumes, CD-ROM databases and educational videos
    RIG Police Recruit - Provider of policing skills to forces around the world
    RJ Engineering Systems - International supplier of industrial parts and products
    Roland S.r.I - Plastics processing and diecasting machinery
    Roche - Discovery, development, production and marketing of cost-effective prescription drugs
    Rockwell Automation - Leading industrial automation company
    ROMELECTRO SA - Generaters, transmitters and distributors of electric power
    ROSEN Inspection Technologies - Provider of pipeline and tank inspection services
    Routon Electronic - A joint-stock enterprise engaging in researching, developing, and manufacturing telecommunication terminal equipment
    Safety & Security International - Provider of uniforms and equipmentto law enforcement and public safety personnel
    Saidely International Group - A conglomerate of international registerred companies located in Germany, UAE and Iraq
    Saint-Gobain Pipelines - Supplier of ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves, access covers, gratings and drainage systems
    SatCom Group - Provider of reliable satellite communications equipment and airtime
    Saudi Arabian Amiantit - Leading manufacturer of pipes, joints, fittings, tanks, rubber and insulation products
    Schneider Electric - Manufacturer of equipment for electrical distribution and industrial control and automation
    Scimo - Provider of representation, consultancy and quality assurance services to the oil and gas, power generation, chemical and paper industries
    Sea Security Services - A global leader in the fight on piracy and terrorism
    Security Consultancy & Recruitment Services - Supplier of security specialists to global companies
    Serco Group - Provider of task management, facilities management and systems engineering
    Servicesat - Experts in satellite communication
    Shell - Producer of energy and petrochemicals
    Shenzhen HYT Science & Technology - Professional developer, manufacturer and marketer in wireless communication terminal and system engineering
    Siderpali - Manufacturer of steel monotubular poles for electric utilities, wireless communications and public outdoor lighting
    Standto - Specialise in providing qualified and highly trained personnel for clients in worldwide areas of conflict.
    Stoof - Manufacturer and supplier of armoured vehicles
    STS Global - Supplier of vehicles, fleet solutions and spare parts
    STS Group - Enterprise level hardware, software services and solutions provider
    Surge Supression Incorporated - Manufacturer and supplier of a complete line of transient voltage surge suppression products
    Tactical Risk Management - Specialised crisis and risk management company
    Tarheel Canine Training - Provider of trained dogs for police services and military applications
    Technical Solutions to Industry - A business-to-business company specialising in the energy sector, transmission and distribution
    TECNOVE, S.L. - Designer and developer of mobile telephony, television units, medicine units, ambulances, transport vehicles and mobile rooms
    Teekay Couplings - Supplier for projects in the water, sewerage, gas, power and oil sectors
    Telenor - Provider of mobile high-speed data, Internet access, e-mail, fax and voice communication services
    Tesla - Provides a network of radio and television transmitting centres
    TFG Global Insurance Solutions - Provider of individual and group insurance plans
    Thorn Lighting - Professional lighting supplier
    Threat Resolution Limited - Provider of a range of expert services in relation to explosives and weapons risk management
    Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings - Toyota's authorised supplier of stock vehicles to the UN and international aid agencies
    TQ Education and Training Ltd - Provider of high quality education and training solutions
    Track24 - Provider of services for satellite tracking technology
    TransGlobal Energy - Provider of engineering services, procurement, construction, start-up, operations and maintenance of power generation and hydrocarbon facilities
    Treysan - Producer of temporary and permanent field accommodations
    Triple Canopy - Delivers secure solutions to organisations worldwide
    Trueman Service - Provider of material and workforce solutions
    Tyco Electronics - Global manufacturer of products and systems for the electrical power industry
    UFUK Pipe Industry & Trading - Producer of spirally welded steel pipes
    United Oilfield International Ltd - Solids control company specialising in the sale, rental and servicing of centrifuges
    United Suppliers For Engineering Materials - Supplier of industrial, chemical and infrastructure engineering
    United Mesopotamia for Security - Provider of security services in Iraq
    Unity Group - Provider of security, critical support and training solutions
    Universal Hospital Services (UHS) - Specialised consultancy in the field of hospital and medical equipment
    US Tactical, Inc. - Supplier of tactical equipment, accessories and clothing to law enforcement, military and online consumers
    UTair Aviation - Global provider of Russia-produced helicopters
    Valmont Industries - Market leader in highly engineered poles, towers, and structures for infrastructure development
    Varco Pruden (VP) Buildings & Blaine Construction - Designers, manufacturers and exporters of steel structures
    Vokes - Provider of services for marine and power generation applications
    Volvo Buses - Manufacturer of a range of heavy buses and chassis
    Volvo Construction Equipment - Manufacturer of construction and earthmoving equipment
    Volvo Penta - Provider of complete power systems and services for industrial applications
    Volvo Truck Corporation - Develops, manufactures and markets medium and heavy trucks for all types of haulage operations
    WAY INDUSTRY - Privat slovakian manufacturing company with 30 years long
tradition in production of mechanical equipments
    Weatherford - Provider of global oilfield products and services
    Whiteaker & Wadsworth, Inc. - Roofing, waterproofing products and consulting/specification services
    WRT BV - Producer of chemicals and supplier of services for the oil industry
Xantic Satellite Communications - Provider of mobile high speed data, Internet, email, fax and voice communications
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